by Quality Time

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Mike Robbins/Vox/Guitar
Pearson Parham/Vox/Guitar
Jonah Hunter/Bass
Sal Bruno/Drums


released October 1, 2016

Big thanks to all our friends and family for constant support. Shout out to Jonah Terry for taking some dope ass picture of us and Luke Waldrop for the album cover. Also thanks to Jonathan Vandersloot, Danielle McConaghy and of course all the guys in this band for being some of the best friends I could ask for.

produced and mastered at Black Sneaker Souls Studios by Max Price



all rights reserved


Quality Time Greenville, South Carolina

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Track Name: Neil
My name is Neil and I am so hung up on you
You made me laugh and spilt pbr all down my shirt
It was like recess and I was flipping coins to see
Who I was going to fall in love with, this week...

And I was hoping, it was you
Drinking by the swing set I said that I think I love you

My name is neil

(My name is Neil)
I'm so hung up, I'm so fucked up, I'm so in love with you
Track Name: Graduation
All my friends are going off to college while I'm stuck in adolescence wondering when I'll find my way
And all along you said that you loved me, well the summer nights are ending and I wish that I could stay

And I think of what we did and all the nights I spent hoping that you'd come back to me
And the walls are closing in and I can't catch my breath I think that I'm falling again

And on that night you told me your feelings, you said you could always love me even a thousand miles away
But I can't trust distance would not change us, that you'd be a different person when you come back home some day

Track Name: The fool
Before you leave, take my hand, and come with me to my plans
I would take, every cent, to have some sense, to make amends.

Though you seem, so confused, that won't change the way I look or stare at you
You will hide, you will linger, that won't change a thing at all

You took all I had to offer, in spite of your room to prosper
You took all I gave and threw it away, it spite of all of your promises to stay

And I played the game

I was the fool all along
Track Name: Driveway
I saw his car In your driveway
I was too afraid to knock on your door that day
Cause I thought that he would answer
And I thought you were alone.. with him

And I know that you moved on
Seeing you with him is the proof
Did you hear the new song
About how I want nothing to do with you

I lied, I'm a mess, I can't go on feeling like this
Can't you see whats happening?
I fall in love so easily
But I guess it's okay
That you didn't feel that same
As me, about us
I hope I never fall in love again