Boston Pizzeria

by Quality Time

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Pearson Parham/guitar/vox
Jonah Hunter/bass
Sal Bruno/drums

Produced/mixed at Black Sneaker Souls Studios by Max Price

Mastered by Andrew P. Oliver/Forthright Records

Album cover photo taken by Jonah Terry

Lead guitar on "Graduation" and "Driveway" recorded by Mike Robbins

Trumpet on "PBR? Give me cpr, I just drowned in bliss" recorded by Spencer Gambrell

Glockenspiel on "Sleep all day song" recorded by Danielle McConaghy


released February 14, 2017

Thank You

Jonah and Danielle for being my best friends and letting me vent to you about anything and everything I'm going through. You guys are worth the whole damn bunch.

Sal for being an amazing drummer and friend to me, even though I don't say it enough, I appreciate you so much.

Jonathan for still being my best friend even after moving all the way to Germany and for throwing the party that inspired track 2.

All of the Boston Pizzeria crew for employing me when I needed a job and for still letting me walk into the kitchen and talk to Jonah about my problems even after I quit.

My brother Austin for constantly supporting me and my music. I love and miss you, even if it seems like I'm too busy to talk sometimes.

Mike for inspiring me to become a better musician and having long talks with me on my porch that inspired track 11.


Jonah Terry, Luke, Wesley, Jeremy, Max, Erica, Duncan, Mckenna, Bestami, Veronica, and all our families.

And the local bands that inspire me so much.

JS Terry, Daddy's Beemer, Beach Bug, Apricot Blush, Prozac Dreams, Tom Angst, Clark Williams, and Estuarie. You guys are art.




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Quality Time Greenville, South Carolina

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Track Name: Jonah
Jonah, whatcha up to?
Can we talk soon?
Answer my calls.
I was thinking about the world again
wishing I wasn't born at all.
How was your weekend?
Did you stay up late again talking to Danielle on the phone?
Let's hang out soon, get matching tattoos cause nothing matters after all.
Track Name: Jonathan, Come Back To The States (Party Song)
Tonight the air is filled with angst and alcohol
Juan has drank too much and punched a hole in the wall.
Now we are so fucked
Now there is no doubt
Jon's parents are coming home
Who's laughing now?

Who's laughing now?
Who's laughing now?
My phone is not working, there's piss on the couch.
Who's laughing now?

Who's laughing now?
Who's laughing now?
My head won't stop aching, my mom can't find out.
Who's laughing now?
Track Name: Graduation
All my friends are going off to college while I'm stuck in adolescence wondering when I'll find my way
And all along you said that you loved me, well the summer nights are ending and I wish that I could stay

And I think of what we did and all the nights I spent hoping that you'd come back to me
And the walls are closing in and I can't catch my breath I think that I'm falling again

And on that night you told me your feelings, you said you could always love me even a thousand miles away
But I can't trust distance would not change us, that you'd be a different person when you come back home some day

Track Name: You're In College Now
You threw it all away for some boy you met on campus.
Two years down the drain. I guess the distance changed us.
I won't like I'm okay cause you know that I'm not.
The look that's on your face when you know that you got caught.
Was it all worth letting go?

Oh Kerrianne why are you always on my mind?
Oh Kerrianne four years is such a long time.
Track Name: Driveway
I saw his car In your driveway
I was too afraid to knock on your door that day
Cause I thought that he would answer
And I thought you were alone.. with him

And I know that you moved on
Seeing you with him is the proof
Did you hear the new song
About how I want nothing to do with you

I lied, I'm a mess, I can't go on feeling like this
Can't you see whats happening?
I fall in love so easily
But I guess it's okay
That you didn't feel that same
As me, about us
I hope I never fall in love again
Track Name: Don't Come To My Show
Don't come to my show cause I don't want you there
But you don't really care.
You go on acting like nothing else is wrong but we both know the song
About how you broke my heart so long ago
Before I put up all these walls
Before I was afraid to fall
You took something I can't get back, so get back

And I never wanted this to end but I guess people change just like the seasons. You became so cold.
I wish that you knew what it feels like to be alone. My insides are copper I wish that they were gold.

I hope you get distracted and wreck into a tree and when your head goes through the windshield I hope you think of me.
Track Name: Ode To Adderall
All the adderall I'm trippin'
All this alcohol I'm sipping'
Listening to my own album
Wishing that I could go to bed
Making mental notes in my head
Things I cannot fathom
And all of my problems are in the future
I'm burning holes in this piece of paper
Where I write my lyrics
That will never be good enough for anyone
Track Name: Song Of Self Deprecation
I'm not good enough for you
So I'll bite my tongue, suck in my gut whenever I'm around you
Cause I feel just like scum staring at your perfectness I'm worthless
This is really hard to overcome

So I'll stay up late tonight
Workout out until my body's sore
Maybe then you'll notice me
Maybe then you'll want something more
Cause I'm a piece of shit
A waste of time and space
A waste of rock and dirt
A waste of everything
Track Name: Sleep All Day Song
The sun shines through the window
He peaks his light through my blinds
Where I sleep in a pool of my own sweat
I know I'm an insult to the dead

For sleeping in
For wasting the day
I wish that I could waste away
No obligations to keep me depressed
I know I'm and insult to the dead
Track Name: Boston Pizzeria
You told me this town I too small for our ambition
But every time I leave I start to miss it
Where did the years go where I was feeling content?
With my life and all the people in it

I guess that I'm feeling down
Floating through this life that I call mine
Spend my days just laying around
Eating all the food that I can find

Let's go on your porch and smoke a cigarette
We'll talk about our problems then we'll just forget
The world for a moment I wish I could leave
But I know now that this town is a part of me

Yuengling Lager and a couple friends
We'll go to Spinx and buy you some Reds
Then talk about how she lead you on
But it's okay we're already gone
I don't know what happened to me
Life's been so pointless recently
So I'll get drunk and fall asleep
And stay in bed for eternity